Why You Need an Appellate Attorney
The court has decided your case. Now what?

If you did not succeed at trial, an appeal could provide relief.  And if you did succeed, the other side will probably challenge that outcome.  Either way, you might need appellate counsel — a certified appellate specialist.

As you needed a specific attorney for your trial, you need one for your appeal.  Trials depend on an attorney’s oral skills.  But appeals depend on written pleadings, submitted to a panel of appellate justices.  To prevail on appeal, you therefore need counsel who not only can provide a different skill set, but also can provide a fresh perspective.

As the Court of Appeal itself has observed, “[T]rial attorneys who prosecute their own appeals… may have ‘tunnel vision.’  Having tried the case themselves…. They may lose objectivity and would be well served by consulting and taking the advice of disinterested members of the bar, schooled in appellate practice.” (Estate of Gilkison (1998) 65 Cal. App.4th 1443, 1449-1450, emphasis added.)

Recognizing the value of this expertise, the State Bar has created a credentialing process to recognize appellate specialists. Applicants who pass a difficult exam, and submit their record and references for review. Although any one of the almost 200,000 attorneys in California may bring your appeal, only 290 are certified as appellate specialists — who can be trusted to do it right.


You wouldn’t hire a dermatologist to perform cardiac surgery, and you wouldn’t ask Mike Trout to pitch. You need an appellate specialist!


Why You Need Keiter Appellate Law

Mitchell Keiter is one of the 290.  He has practiced appellate law from every angle, in civil and criminal cases, for appellants and respondents, for the prosecution and the defense.  As a law professor, he taught evidence, criminal law and procedure, and appellate advocacy.

His work has been cited by several state supreme courts across the country, scholars around the world, and the Victoria, Australia Parliament.

Closer to home, Keiter worked as a Chambers Attorney at the California Supreme Court where he drafted dozens of opinions in civil and criminal cases, and saw firsthand how the Court selects and reviews its caseload.

The 290 appellate specialists in California — and the much smaller number who have California Supreme Court experience — almost always work at large firms, with large overhead expenses, which the client must ultimately pay. Keiter Appellate Law is different. It provides Supreme Court experience and expertise, but at much lower cost.

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The State Bar's Board of Legal Specialization recognized Keiter Appellate Law as a Certified Appellate Specialist in 2010, one of only 290 statewide.
Keiter Appellate Law is different. We provide the legal expertise available at large firms.  But without pricey sculptures and office space, we can help you for less.

There are over 250,000 attorneys in California, but only 290 are Certified Appellate Law Specialists. Most of these fine attorneys work at large firms with high overhead. They have beautiful offices and artwork — for which their clients pay handsomely.

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